Calluses, Warts and Medical pedicure

Although corns rarely cause serious issues, they are still a source of pain and irritation for patients.

A corn is an area of thickened skin where inflammation occurs. Corns are also referred to as painful hyperkeratotic papules that develop in response to increased pressure on the bony prominences of the feet and toes.

The longer the pressure from shoes persists, the deeper the corn becomes. In cross-section, a corn appears as a wedge, with its tip facing towards the inside of the skin, constantly exerting pressure on the nerves of the toe and causing pain. Corns can also occur on the soles and heels. They are much larger than corns on the toes and significantly impede walking.

Tight footwear with pointed toes and high heels, especially women’s shoes, can lead to irregularities in the joints, including the entire foot. Pressure on the inner side of the foot around the base of the big toe can cause inflammation of the bursa, resulting in significant pain. This can lead to changes in the big toe joint, causing it to bend and form a bump. The bursa over the formed bump can also become infected.

To remove a corn, the first step is to address the cause that led to their formation, which is typically tight and uncomfortable footwear. Corns occur when your toes rub against each other or when the skin is pinched between your shoe and the bones of your foot. They can be hard or soft, and although they can be painful, there are options to alleviate the discomfort of a corn.

Corns are often seen in athletes and individuals with gait abnormalities, diabetes, amputation, and as a result of uneven shoe friction, meaning ill-fitting or too-tight shoes. Abnormal foot mechanics, foot deformities, and serious conditions like peripheral neuropathy can also contribute to the formation of corns.


The primary goal is to perform debridement and reduce lesions without the presence of blood. The aim of the treatment is to remove the keratin core and shape the skin in a way that reduces friction and prevents the formation of corns.

In our center, we offer medical pedicures, which represent a luxurious treatment for your feet conducted in strictly controlled hygienic conditions. It is performed by a podiatry doctor using specialized tools and drills for foot care. This treatment, without any bleeding, removes all changes on the soles (corns, warts, calluses), and it also involves trimming nails and treating the nail cuticles. After the treatment is completed, various foot care and protection products are applied depending on the pathology.

The use of debridement, especially in high-risk populations such as diabetics, can reduce the occurrence of ulcers and the need for surgical intervention.

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