Dry medical pedicure represents a luxurious treatment for your feet. It includes the removal of calluses, corns, and hard, dry skin, deep exfoliation, as well as a relaxing foot massage – an excellent treatment for beautiful, healthy feet.

This is an intensive, non-invasive treatment performed by our podiatrists, ensuring the health and beauty of your feet. It combines all the elements of our special podiatric services with the safe removal of calluses, corns, and hard, dry skin.

Medical pedicure is performed on dry feet to ensure long-lasting results and prevent the occurrence of any infections that may occur after soaking the feet in pedicure basins. A special keratolytic agent is applied, which softens the surface layers of the skin and allows for easier removal of thickened skin, and a range of professional foot products are used that match the patient’s skin type and the degree of damage.

The procedure itself is not performed using scalpels, heel files, or instruments for pushing back cuticles. Instead, a machine with special attachments is used, which are changed depending on the issue.

We recommend a medical pedicure every 8-10 weeks for healthy and well-groomed feet.

After the safe removal of calluses, corns, and hard, dry skin on the heels, a routine pedicure follows – shaping, cutting, and polishing the toenails, along with cuticle treatment.

The treatment will rejuvenate your feet, make them look beautiful, and contribute to their overall health.

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