Foot Corn

A corn or heloma is a result of increased pressure on a specific area. Corns are not always pathological changes unless left untreated or the pressure is chronic.


Corns most commonly occur on the feet due to the pressure they endure with every step. Foot rigidity increases the likelihood of their formation. Patients suffering from corns often complain of pain, feeling like they are walking on something hard, such as gravel. Corns are not the same as calluses. Corns are small, painful to the touch, and characterized by a raised bump in the center.

Corns are a relatively common issue that almost everyone experiences sooner or later. In recent years, they have often caused difficulties that require a visit to the doctor. Corns are generally harmless, but in the case of diabetes, deep ulcers can develop beneath calluses and corns.


The treatment of a corn involves relieving pressure, which is best achieved through the use of appropriate orthotics. At Foot Center Dr.Milos Stanojevic, our podiatrists can assess, prescribe, and customize recommended orthotics for you without a doctor’s referral. Corns should always be removed, which is achieved through regular debridement treatments.

Hydrating the skin helps your body shed dead cells and reduce pressure in that area, preventing the formation of corns. It’s impossible to completely eliminate pressure on the feet due to the nature of human walking, but the most effective way to reduce pressure is by using custom orthotics. In rare cases of severe corns or calluses, wound care therapy or even surgical intervention may be necessary.

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