Ingrown nails

Ingrown nails are a condition that affects 15% of the world’s population: men, women, teenagers, and children, most commonly between the ages of 15 and 40. While all nails can be affected, it is most often the thumbs on both feet and hands.

Ingrown nails

Ingrown nails occur when the edge or tip of the nail is pushed into the skin and continues to grow there, often causing an infection. Ingrown nails are often very painful. The first symptom of ingrown nails is swelling of the sensitive surrounding tissue. If the ingrowth is not prevented, the condition worsens, a bacterial infection develops, and the pain intensifies. In advanced stages, inflamed tissue granulates and covers the nail. Ingrown nail disease can occur on the side (laterally), at the front due to injury, and at the back in the area of the nail root.

Spiculectomy is a method of cutting the nail spicule with a scalpel and removing the ingrown segment, and it is applied to nails that ingrow sagittally.

The Arkada method is a treatment that instantly relieves pain and allows complete nail regrowth within a few months. After the treatment, the nail has a natural appearance, much to the patient’s delight.


The Arkada method allows the treatment of ingrown nail deformities using special hooks to straighten the nail plate. After straightening the nail with the Arkada method, a special medical gel is applied to keep the nail straight and prevent it from returning to its original irregular position. The medical gel and serum used in the treatment contain active substances with antibacterial and antifungal properties, preventing infection and ensuring healthy and proper nail growth.

The Arkada method has a broader application, allowing for the correction of defects in improperly cut nails, permanent damage, or shortened nail plates. This not only addresses aesthetic concerns but also serves as a medical solution, offering one of the definitive treatments for ingrown nails.

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