Dr. Miloš Stanojević is a podologist who continually introduces new treatment methods to provide his patients with solutions for all nail and foot problems. Foot pathology is quite extensive and encompasses changes in the skin, nails, soft tissue, and bones of the foot.

That’s why the approach of a doctor-podologist in treating foot problems is comprehensive, with the goal not only to resolve the current issue but also to restore the overall health and harmony of the feet.


Trainings and education with Adrian Arkada and Daniel Abratkiewicz, who are the innovators of the Arkada method, have provided practical knowledge for the treatment of various types of ingrown nails.

In addition to the successful implementation of the Arkada method for ingrown nails, Miloš is currently working on education for the UniBrace system, which helps maintain the proper nail shape and prevent recurring issues.

Based on his knowledge and experience, Miloš has enhanced and perfected the standard medical pedicure with a new protocol and specialized instruments. In this way, he has provided patients with a painless and comfortable treatment for all types of skin conditions, from calluses to corns and warts, while ensuring completely sterile conditions and instruments. Additionally, he has dedicated a lot of time to educating patients, not only about the importance of regular podiatric treatments but also about proper foot care at home.

His work with diabetic feet is particularly noteworthy, as these treatments require the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

His current focus is on studying foot biomechanics, working with the renowned specialist Aleksandra Bitenc, and introducing methods to address various issues related to the bone structure of the feet. Foot biomechanics problems can result from various factors, including poor posture, irregular gait, and foot deformities. Each patient’s gait is unique, which is why Miloš has chosen an individualized approach for each patient, creating custom podiatric elements to address their specific issues.

Patients recognize his unique approach to his work, which builds a special connection and trust with Miloš. Through his work in podiatry, he has contributed to popularizing this field and helping people finally find solutions to their foot problems.

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