A wart is a viral infection of the superficial layers of the skin on the foot, similar to warts that appear on the hands or knees.

They can come in different sizes, numbers, and can appear anywhere on the foot. Usually, they are well-defined and have small black dots on the surface, which represent superficial blood vessels.

Warts can be, but are not always, painful. In the initial stage, they may appear as small, colorless spots on the skin, which are difficult to distinguish from corns. Sometimes, warts multiply, forming a group or cluster made up of many tiny warts. Warts that grow together in a cluster are called mosaic warts. Normal walking and standing apply pressure to the wart. Like other growths of this type, warts are harmless and can go away on their own, but in many cases, they are too painful if left untreated.

Warts are caused by the “human papillomavirus” (HPV) and are transmitted from person to person through direct contact. The virus thrives in moist environments, such as swimming pools, locker room floors, and communal shower areas.


 The therapy involves puncturing the wart with a small needle, which causes bleeding and stimulates the body’s immune system to fight the virus. Various ointments and preparations are applied after the procedure to completely remove the wart.

In addition to several options for removal, laser wart treatment is the most sophisticated approach.

The laser selectively destroys the blood vessels of the wart by coagulation. By acting on the blood vessels that supply the wart, the laser effectively destroys the virus itself at high temperatures. Prior to using laser treatment, the wart itself and the surrounding skin are debrided. After adjusting the parameters and performing the laser treatment, creams and ointments are applied to prevent infection and facilitate the drying out of the wart itself.


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